Sunday, June 4, 2017

World War II Letters - 8 March 1942 - Written by Stan Cooper


I found this letter out of order here in time from my last post. This one was written in the beginning of March whereas my previous letter appears to be later in the month with his mention of the photo taken of him with his mother. This letter mentions he was home "last weekend," on the dates of February 27 to March 1 thereabouts. 

He just wants to thank them for a terrific time at home and that it will be awhile until they hear from him. (They were lucky to receive the previous letter I posted about as the next letter is not until two months later - at least that is what is in my collection of my father's letters sent home during this time of war.)

He again mentions about being censored by the "censorer" [who] "won't allow me to tell you but I guess you know." During war time all of the letters written home were read to be sure no information was given about their locations or any military facts were leaked to the enemy. 

Monday, May 29, 2017

World War II Letters - "One Day in March" 1942 - Written by Stan Cooper

Frank Brechlin 1959
Stan realizes it has been too long since he has written to his family. He can only write and mail letters when the ship comes into port. This is also when he receives mail from family. I wish I knew what pictures he was talking about "of Mom and I." Who are the Brechlin family? I found out from my aunt, that Frank and Carrie Brechlin were neighbors that lived two houses down the street who took many photos of their neighbors. The Brechlins had no children of their own so they loved all of the children on their street. They still communicated with my grandparents after Frank and Carrie retired down in Florida.

The Brechlins help Stan and Eileen prepare  for a photo.
My aunt knew what photos I have in my possession that were taken by Mr. Brechlin. Going through my dad's baby album, I find two photos of the Brechlins. One photo shows them with my dad and aunt preparing the children for a photo taken in 1931. I have another of Frank taken with his camera in 1959 as shown above.

He also mentions a letter from Tanta that he has to answer. Tanta is his grand aunt, Sophia GUNTHER Muller (1856-1952). She is his maternal grandmother's elder sister. 

I have more stories to share of his memories of her growing up when I post about her life.

Eleven years later, Stan's mother finds the letter and sends it on to Stan reminiscing back to war time and filling in about her current grandchildren, Stan's nephews and niece. She mentions she "will be glued to the TV tomorrow to new inauguration." Must be Ike -1953. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

World War II Letters - 21 January 1942 - Written by Stan Cooper

USS San Diego Memorial - West side

Stan is transferred from the Atlantic Fleet to the Pacific Fleet changing ship homes to the USS San Diego - CL53. He becomes a part of the fire control gang. He explains in more detail what his new job covers.

The USS San Diego was a light anti-aircraft cruiser commissioned on 10 January 1942, in Boston, Massachusetts. My father was honored to be one of the first to serve as her crew. The San Diego was honored to never lose any of its men in battle. She earned 18 battle stars and covered over 300,000 miles.

A few years back, my dad's sister, Eileen, discovered the USS San Diego memorial which was dedicated on 30 April 2004, in San Diego.

USS San Diego Memorial - East side

See this wonderful article written by Fred Whitmore about this beauty with her great history.