Thursday, June 29, 2017

Samuel Penrose Cooper (1861-1893) Part 1

Samuel Penrose Cooper is the 8th child (5th son) of Austin Cooper and Elizabeth Gibson. He was born on 2 May 1861 in Ireland. I have not found his specific birth location. My first document find was his marriage record to Mary Rebecca Burnworth on 20 Mar 1892, in Brigtown, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, Ireland. 

Ireland. Marriage Records. Samuel Penrose Cooper and Mary Rebecca Bunworth. 20 March 1892. Quarter 1. Volume 4. Page 533. No. 57. Civil Registration Office, Roscommon, Ireland. Accessed 18 January 2009.
It is interesting to see him as a farmer in Mitchelstown and Mary is a postmistress in the same town. In my grandfather’s family tree, he lists Mary Bunworth as Samuel’s wife with three daughters (no names). 

I start looking for William Bunworth. I find him in Mary’s birth record. Mary was born on 25 Sep 1869, in Newmarket, Cork, Ireland. Her mother’s name is Elizabeth Lyall. I find her actual birth registration on the Irish website.

Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, "Civil Records," database with images, ( : accessed 11 June 2017), image, birth registration of Mary Rebecca Bunworth, (25 September 1869, County Cork) citing Group Registration ID 7995106; registration filed 12 October 1869 by E. Douadson, Assistant register, folio 272, “Page 2,” stamped no. 02234325, entry 476.
I then find Mary Cooper in the 1901 Ireland Census. She is with her mother, Elizabeth Bunworth, on Baldwin Street, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. She is listed as a widow. Lillie Cooper, age 7, daughter of Mary, granddaughter of Elizabeth, was born in America. Where in America? 

1901 Census of Ireland, County Cork, Mitchelstown District Electoral Division (DED), unpaginated, Baldwin Street, household no. 5, Elizabeth Bunworth; digital image, National Archives of Ireland, Census of Ireland 1901/1911 ( : accessed 29 June 2017).
So now I am on a search for Lillie Cooper. Did Mary and Lillie stay in Ireland or return to America? What happened to Samuel? When did they go to the US? Where did they settle?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mom's Sour Beef Soup with Dumplings

My brother and family are in town and we decided to eat an historical family dish. We chose to make my maternal grandmother's, Mary Irene SARNA Gabuzda, yummy soup.

My niece, Sara, along with her mother, Diane, were a great team putting together this dish. They both love to cook.

They made their own version by only making the dumplings in ball form. They did not make them into tiny one-inch squares.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

World War II Letters - 8 March 1942 - Written by Stan Cooper


I found this letter out of order here in time from my last post. This one was written in the beginning of March whereas my previous letter appears to be later in the month with his mention of the photo taken of him with his mother. This letter mentions he was home "last weekend," on the dates of February 27 to March 1 thereabouts. 

He just wants to thank them for a terrific time at home and that it will be awhile until they hear from him. (They were lucky to receive the previous letter I posted about as the next letter is not until two months later - at least that is what is in my collection of my father's letters sent home during this time of war.)

He again mentions about being censored by the "censorer" [who] "won't allow me to tell you but I guess you know." During war time all of the letters written home were read to be sure no information was given about their locations or any military facts were leaked to the enemy.