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World War II Letters - 15 October 1942 - Written by Stan Cooper

One can see that there are long time periods between communications with Stan and his family. The mail takes too long to come to Stan and Stan does not have much free time to write to his parents as often as he wishes to fill them in with what is happening from his side of the world. 

According to Stan's reply, his father must have given him the Honolulu address for his grandaunt Daisy Cooper in his 14 July 1942 letter, whom Stan calls "Peggie." I think he is confusing her with a cousin's wife mentioned in a previous letter. 

Stan mentions baseball talk with his Pop.

Aunt Nutzie is Stan's mother's elder sister, Margarite PIÑA. Nutzie was the family member who kept everyone informed. Wilbert was his first cousin via his uncle Frederick Piña. Wilbert is also serving in the war.

Stan Cooper with cousin Wilbert Piña, and brother Bud Cooper
Photo in author's possession.

In a previous letter from 3 August, Stan requested his father send him his trombone. The "singing horn" is waiting in San Francisco. How much longer does Stan have to wait? 

You can tell here that Stan is feeling homesick and misses his family tremendously.

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Henry Cooper (1852-1883)

The Old Cooper Bible

Cooper, Henry. Family Bible Records. 1848-1868. The Holy Bible. [Cover page torn out.] Privately held by Mary R. Cooper. San Diego, California. 2005.
Henry COOPER was born in Marlinstown, Westmeath, Ireland on 12 April 1852. He was the first child of fourteen of my second great grandparents, Austin COOPER and Elizabeth GIBSON. His father worked for the Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland.

First Cousin Marriage

I find Henry COOPER in Dublin by 1877 marrying his first cousin, Frances Hannah DIGGES LATOUCHEHenry’s and Hannah’s mothers were sisters. Oh, my! Elizabeth GIBSON had a younger sister, Jane GIBSON who married Edmond 

DIGGES LATOUCHE. The parents of these two girls were Rev. Alexander GIBSON, Presbyterian minister of Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland, and Jane GIBSON. I have yet to still figure out the relationship of their parents with the same surname.

Henry Cooper and Hannah Digges La Touche were married on 18 Jan 1877 in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland. 

Ireland Marriage Records. Henry Cooper and Hannah Frances Digges La Touche. 18 January 1877. Volume 2. Page 741. No. 256. Civil Registration Office, Roscommon, Ireland. Accessed 13 November 2008. 
The following year, Hannah gave birth to Emily Cooper on 20 Dec 1878. The baby died five days later of convulsions that lasted for thirty minutes. 

Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, "Civil Records," database with images, ( : accessed 21 June 2017), image, birth registration of Emily Cooper, (20 December 1878, Dublin) citing Group Registration ID 10050051; registration filed 26 Dec 1878 by J. R. Ferguson, Deputy register, page 506, stamped no. 0278267, entry 298.

Ireland Death Records. Emily Cooper. 25 Dec 1878. Quarter 4. Volume 2. page 415. No. 288. Civil Registration Office, Roscommon, Ireland. Accessed 24 July 2017.  
Two years later on 12 Jan 1880, Frances Cooper was born in Dublin. Francis was baptized on 16 Mar 1881 in the St. George Parish of Dublin. 

Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, "Civil Records," database with images, ( : accessed 21 June 2017), image, birth registration of Frances Cooper, (12 January 1880, Dublin) citing Group Registration ID 10972122; registration filed 24 Feb 1880 by J. P. Nowlan, Deputy register, "First Page," stamped no. 0257534, entry 114.
Hannah Cooper arrived on 19 Nov 1881. Hannah Jane was baptized on 17 May 1882 in the St. George Parish of Dublin.

Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, "Civil Records," database with images, ( : accessed 21 June 2017), image, birth registration of Hannah Cooper, (19 November 1881, Dublin) citing Group Registration ID 9979588; registration filed 2 Jan 1882 by J. R. Ferguson, Deputy register, "First Page," stamped no. 02025830, entry 256.
At 30 years, Henry died at the Adelaide Hospital in Dublin on 16 Dec 1883, leaving behind pregnant Hannah, and two babies - a three year old and one year old. His cause of death was myelitis, inflammation of the spinal cord.
Ireland Death Records. Henry Cooper. 16 Dec 1883. Quarter 4. Volume 2. Page 582. No. 216. 
Civil Registration Office, Roscommon, Ireland. Accessed 24 July 2017.  
Their fourth child and only son, Austin Henry Cooper, was born in 1884 and died on 26 Jan 1895 as a minor in Rathgar, Dublin, Ireland. I find him listed in the Ireland Calendar of Wills & Administrations.

"Ireland Calendar of Wills and Administrations, 1858-1920," database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 21 June 2017), Austin Henry Cooper, 26 Jan 1895; citing 00312, 005014910, Principal Probate Registry, Dublin; 100,996.

10 Winton Avenue - Rathgar, Dublin, Ireland

I also found Austin Henry Cooper in the Death Registration listing his death location at 10 Winton Avenue in Rathgar, Dublin. Ireland. His aunt Bessie Pearson was present at his death. This is third document (one letter and 2 death registrations - also Bessie's brother, Edwin Ashley Cooper) of listing Bessie Pearson at 10 Winton Ave. in 1890s. 

Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, "Civil Records," database with images, ( : accessed 23 Sept 2016),
image, death registration of Austin Henry Cooper (26 January 1895, 10 Winton Ave., Dublin South), citing Group Registration ID 4010410; registration filed 1 February 1895 by Richard McHearn, in Rathmines Registration District, South Dublin undignified register, folio 583, “First page,” stamped no. 04688154, entry 90.
Austin Henry Cooper at the age of 11.5 died of tubercular meningitis. 

What happened to Frances and Hannah Jane Cooper? 
I later find them listed in the England 1901 census visiting their grandmother, Jane GIBSON DIGGES LA TOUCHE. 
who is living with their uncle Dr. Alexander DIGGES LA TOUCHE in Ossett, Yorkshire, England.           

1901 Census of England.Yorkshire, Ossett. Enumeration District 11. Household 13. Alexander D. La Touche household; digital images. : accessed 12 July 2017. 

Andrew D. La Touche    Head     Married    42       Male         Physician & Surgeon 
Sarah  " do.                     Wife     Married    34      Female
John J. " do.                    Son      Single       8      Male
Marie   "  do.                  Daur     Single        7       Female
Gertrude   "  do.             Daur     Single        5       Female
Alexander A.  "  do.       Son       Single       1        Son
Jane  " do.                     Mother  Wd          70      Female
Francis G. Cooper         Niece     Single      21      Female
Hannah J. do.                Niece      Single     19      Female

I find a marriage registration to a Thomas Warwick, a Baptist minister, for Frances Gertrude Cooper on 1 June 1911. 

Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, "Civil Records," database with images, ( : accessed 26 May 2017), image, marriage registration of Thomas Warwick and Frances Gertrude Cooper (1 June1911, The Baptist Chapel St Peter’s Parish, County of Dublin, city of Dublin North), citing Group Registration ID 2067812; registration filed 15 July 1911 by Jos. N. Pearce, Clergyman, in North Dublin Registration District, unidentified register, folio 614, “First page,” stamped no. 05617097, entry 32.
Hannah Jane Cooper married James Barlow, an engineer, on 4 Jun 1913 in Manchester, Lancaster, England. Her sister, F.G. Warwick is a witness along with A. Digges LaTouche, an uncle of the bride. Notice that Hannah was the witness for her sister, Frances Gertrude’s wedding, 2 years prior in 1911. Uncle Alexander Digges LaTouch also was present as a witness.

"England and Wales Marriage Registration Index, 1837-2005," database, FamilySearch ( : 13 December 2014), Hanna Jane Cooper and James Barlow, 1913; from “England & Wales Marriages, 1837-2005,” database, findmypast ( : 2012); citing 1913, quarter 2, vol. 8D, p. 315, Manchester, Lancashire, England, General Register Office, Southport, England. Accessed 23 May 2016.

When widow Aunt Bessie Cooper Pearson came to visit the United States in 1921, her ship record stated that she was living with niece Mrs. Barlow at 12 Davenmore Rd. Withington, Manchester, in Lancaster, England. I now know that the mysterious Mrs. Barlow was her niece, Hannah Jane Cooper Barlow.

My next research goal is to find out if the sisters Frances and Hannah had any children.

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World War II Letters - 23 Sept 1942 - Written by Stan Cooper

Stan mentions his attempt to find his grand-uncle Joe's (Ashley Joseph Cooper) widow in Honolulu. Since he could not find her, he asked if his father had her location. I bet Pop does know where they lived. Did they write letters to each other? His address is listed on his obituary which the family did possess. I have the original partial copy.

Stan fills them in with his busy schedule with studying and his hard work in the fire room, where he is literally sweating off his weight. I am sure Mom is hoping he eats more!

Ashley Joseph Cooper (1868-1941) Part 2

Linotype machine
Ashley Joseph Cooper or otherwise known to family as "Joe," marries for a second time on 31 Dec 1918 to Daisy E. Smith. He states himself as a "widow," on his marriage registration concerning the unknown fate of his first wife Ida Hancock. 

I also find a marriage announcement in the local newspaper, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser on 5 Jan 1919. They settled in their new home at 1721 Dole St. 

Ashley J. Cooper and Daisy E. Smith, marriage announcement, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser, 5 Jan. 1919, page 13, col. 7. on : Accessed 23 Jul 2017.

I find Ashley and Daisy in the 1920-1940 United States Census in Honolulu, Hawaii. He continues to be a linotyper for the  Honolulu-Star Bulletin as stated in this article before he was married dated from 1915. He also was blessed to see one of his sisters, Jane M. Cooper Oswald, in San Francisco, before his trip back to Hawaii. They had not seen each other in 25 years. 

Ashley J. Cooper. Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 14 Sep 1915, page 6, col. 4. on : Accessed 23 Jul 2017.

On 9 May 1941, Ashley dies of heart disease. I obtained a full copy of Ashley’s obituary in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin by writing to Hawaii State Library - Hawaii and Pacific Reference back in 2011. This were very helpful as my aunt had a copy of the original article, but a section of this copy of the article was torn off. This article can now be found on

Friday, May 9, 1941 - “A. J. Cooper, 72, Dies on Garden Isle.”

  Ashley J. Cooper, 72, of 1721 Dole St., and for the past 31 years a linotype operator with the Star-Bulletin, died of heart disease at Lihue, Kauai, at 1:30 p.m. today.
  Death came to Mr. Cooper while on a mission to the Garden Island attempting settlement of the 10 months old waterfront strike there in his capacity as a member of the territorial labor commission.
  On April 8, while on Kauai, attending strike settlement conferences, Mr. Cooper suffered an attack of heart disease.  
  Recovered sufficiently, he retuned to Honolulu.
  On Thursday morning, with other mediators, he went to Kauai by plane.
  Again stricken, the attack suffered early today was fatal.
  The body was cremated on Kauai and the ashes will be brought to Honolulu by Howard Durham, U.S. labor conciliation board member, on the steamer leaving Kauai tonight.
  Funeral services will be announced later.
  Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Daisy E. Cooper; a sister, Mrs. Jennie Oswald of Palo Alto, Cal.; and a brother, Walter Cooper, of Denver, Colo.
  “Mr. Cooper was a valuable member of the labor commission,” Governor Poindexter said today, “and his death will be a loss to the territory.

  “He had that rare quality of inspiring the confidence of both sides in a labor dispute.
  “His work in helping settle the Honolulu Rapid Transit Co. strike was outstanding. He had worked indefatigably, too, on the Kauai strike.”
  “I do not believe Mr. Cooper would have wanted this to happen any other way,” John Mason Young, chairman of the labor and industrial relations commission said.
  “He had consistently refused to allow his own health to interfere in the performance of his duty.”
  “The department of labor and industrial relations is greatly shocked at the news of the sudden death of Mr. Cooper,” Charles Savage, director, said.
  “Mr. Cooper was appointed by the governor to try to bring about an amicable settlement of the strike at Port Allen, Kauai, and he returned to Kauai Thursday with the hope that through his efforts the strike would be settled. 
  “As a member of the commission of labor and industrial relations, Mr. Cooper has endeared himself to the department and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.”
  M. J. Jardin, president of the Honolulu Typographical union No. 37 said: “Mr. Cooper was a tireless worker in the community and Honolulu has lost a good citizen. 
  “He was considered a labor conservative. It can be honestly said that the settlement of the Honolulu Rapid Transit Co. strike was due more to his efforts than to those of any other person involved.”
  Born in Ireland on August 22, 1868, Mr. Cooper was in his 73rd year. He was the son of [the Rev.] Austin Cooper. [The Rev. Austin Cooper was Ashley’s grand-uncle.] 
  Mr. Cooper was a resident of Hawaii for about 30 years.
  A member of the International Typographical Union, he was long identified with labor activities in the territory.
  Since last January, when he was appointed by Governor Poindexter to the labor commission, Mr. Cooper worked unceasingly in the cause of peaceful industrial relations. 
  His efforts as the governor's representative in the recent Honolulu Rapid Transit Co. strike were an important factor in the settlement of that issue.
  Then acting in the same capacity, he turned his attention to the Kauai waterfront strike.
  On this last trip to Kauai, he was accompanied by William Geurts of the U.S. maritime labor board. Mr. Durham, Montgomery E. Winn, attorney for Alexander & Baldwin, and Arthur G. Smith. Attorney for American Factors.
  Mr. Cooper was a Shriner and a Mason.


Ashley Joseph Cooper died the same month, my father, Stanley Gibson Cooper, joined the US. Navy. Stan referred to his granduncle & grandaunt, Uncle Joe & Aunt Daisy, several times the following year in his letters home to his parents as he served in the Pacific during WWII. See blog posts covering World War II Letters.

Ashley Joseph Cooper (1868-1941) - Part 1

Old Cooper Bible

A.J. Cooper obituary. Honolulu
Star-Bulletin. May 9, 1941, page 1

Cooper, Ashley Joseph. Family Bible Records. 1848-1868. The Holy Bible. [Cover page torn out.] Privately held by Mary R. Cooper. San Diego, California. 2005.
Ashley Joseph Cooper is the seventh son, eleventh child, of fourteen children of Austin COOPER and Elizabeth GIBSON. He was born on 22 Aug 1868 in Roscommon, Co. Roscommon, Ireland. His father was the station master for the Midland Great Western railway of Ireland. 

"Ireland Births and Baptisms, 1620-1881," database, FamilySearch ( : 8 December 2014), Ashley Joseph Cooper, 22 Aug 1868; citing 0362, ROSCOMMON, ROSCOMMON, IRELAND, reference ; FHL microfilm 101,172. Accessed 5 May 2005.
Ashley lived in counties Galway and Cavan with his family, before he left for the United States in 1886. His father died three years before. His widowed mother left for America in 1884. 

On 1 May 1886, Walter Cooper, age 18 [19], boarded the City of Rome in Liverpool with his younger 16 [17] year old brother, "Jos. A." Cooper for New York. In reality, the boys were almost two years older as stated on the ship document.

"New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957," digital image, ( : accessed 19 May 2017), Image 722 of 1059, Line 497, Jos. A. Cooper entry, citing List Number 490 of National Archives Microfilm Publication M237, Roll 485; Ship City of Rome out of Liverpool, R. W. M[???] master, arrived New York on 1 May 1885.

Did their mother, Elizabeth Gibson Cooper, meet her two sons in New York at this time? Did she give the family Bible to them, before they moved on to Texas? Did she go to Texas with them by 1888? Interesting to see Ashley's birthdate written at a later time in the Bible. I find evidence of the brothers living in Texas.

Ashley is working for the Austin Dispatch according to the Austin, Texas, Directory in 1888 to 1889.  

Walter travelled on to Denver, Colorado, to settle by 1900.

Ashley is a border in a hotel, with a wife, in Austin, Texas. Ashley and Ida had been married for six years. I find their marriage license dated 16 April 1894 in Austin.

"Texas Marriages, 1837-1973," Marriages V. 8-9  1892-1898. A. J. Cooper and Ida Hancock, 16 Apr 1894; citing marriages, [Austin], Travis Co., Texas. FHL Microfilm #978,167 : accessed 19 July 2017. 

The 1900 Census states that Ashley arrived in 1890 [1886] and was naturalized. Ashley still worked as a printer. Where are those naturalization records for Ashley?

In 1903, I find Ashley J. Cooper listed in Houston, Texas, City Directory. He works as a linotype operator for the Houston Post. He lives at 1512 Texas Ave.

Ten years later in 1913, I find Ashley in Honolulu, Hawaii, filing a petition for divorce from Ida. So this states when and where they were married: April 16, 1894 in Austin, Texas. She left him April 15, 1906.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Honolulu, Hawaii). 8 Aug 1913, Fri. page 2 col. 7.
The previous year, 7 Aug 1912, the Honolulu Star Bulletin reports that Ida Cooper was living down in Mexico City.

9 Feb 1914, The Honolulu Star Bulletin reports that Ida Cooper's whereabouts is unknown. 

Honolulu Star Bulletin (Honolulu, Hawaii), 9 Feb. 1914, Mon.  page 7, col 4.
He was granted his divorce on 27 April the same year on the grounds of desertion taking effect on 1 May. She is declared either missing or dead.

In 1917, I find Ashley in his first business transaction with partner, J. M. Cunningham in buying the Santa Clara, California, News, while in Hawaii. The copy of this article does not show the whole page.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Honolulu, Hawaii). 28 May 1917, Mon. page 5 col. 3.
Four years later, Ashley Cooper finds love again marrying Miss Daisy E. Smith on 31 Dec. 1918, at St. Andrew's Cathedral of Honolulu. They made their home at 1721 Dole St. 

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Mt. Jerome Cemetery in Dublin, Ireland - Laura Jane Boyd Cooper 1853-1921 - Part 2

There is a plot that has several of my ancestors buried in Mt. Jerome Cemetery in Dublin, Ireland. No, I was not at this cemetery in Dublin; although, I wish I was there to see it for myself.

Headstone C-106 at Mt. Jerome Cemetery in Dublin, Ireland. Photo taken by Barbara Boyd Hopkins. 

I recently posted about my great-grandmother, Laura Jane BOYD Cooper. She is my father's paternal grandmother. I concluded with

"Laura Jane is buried in Mt. Jerome Cemetery in Dublin at Grave C-106 Grant 2760. This information was researched by a genealogist in Ireland for one of my Boyd cousins. On the actual cemetery card it stated the informant as George Corcoran, her son-in-law. I would love to see a photo of her headstone, if she has one."

My third cousin, Barbara Boyd Hopkins, was at Mt. Jerome Cemetery in 2015. She took the picture of the above headstone at section C-106. There is no mention of Laura Jane Cooper on the headstone.

This week, I was visiting my local Family History Center focusing on Mt. Jerome Cemetery records which are now online only at these centers apart from Salt Lake City. These records are not yet indexed. My first section was to look at the Index Register of Burials for Mt. Jerome Cemetery. Finding 1921, Laura Jane COOPER is listed in the alphabetical C section with Register No. 1501. 

Cemetery Records for Mt. Jerome Cemetery, Dublin. Index Register of Burials. 1915-1941. Microfilm #911,812. Online Film #008088047. Image 42 of 282. Accessed San Diego Family History Center : 19 July 2017.

Secondly, I look at the actual Register of Burials. I find Cooper, Mrs. Laura Jane. She is listed under "No. for the Year 1921" at 1501 as stated in the previous index. 

Register of Burials. Volume 23-24. 1915-1922. Microfilm #910,613. Online film #004029920. Image 722 of 787. Accessed San Diego Family History Center : 19 July 2017.

This page verifies that Laura Jane Cooper died on 28 November 1921 at Meath Hospital of Cancer at the age of 61. She was buried on 30 November 1921 in Registration District of 3 South. She is buried in a [family] plot in "No. 1 grave." She is buried in Section C - Subdivision 106. She is listed in Perpetuity Grant No. 2760. She is buried with a Granite Monument. Here is the verification of George Corcoran, 22 Turlough Terr[ace] of Fairview, her son-in-law, listed as "Relationship of the Attestant." As stated in a previous post, Laura Jane's daughter, Elizabeth Cooper CORCORAN, died 2 months previously of Multiple Sclerosis on 11 September 1921. A future goal is to research this index to find out if Elizabeth was also buried at Mt. Jerome.

Thirdly, the above lead me to find the Perpetuity Grant 
#2760 in the Registry of Grants in Perpetuity of Burial in Mt. Jerome Cemetery, 1861.

Cemetery Records for Mt. Jerome Cemetery, Dublin. Register of Perpetuities, Grants #2001-3992. 1856-1870. Microfilm #910,429. Online film #008087686. Image 226 of 571. Accessed San Diego Family History Center : 19 July 2017.

Here is the jewel I was looking for! Laura Jane Boyd Cooper is buried with her mother, Jane Carrick Boyd who died in 1901; 2 brothers, Robert Boyd 1869 and Andrew Boyd 1888; maternal grandmother, Ellen Carrick 1885; maternal grandfather, John Carrick 1861; her mother's eldest sister or Laura Jane's aunt, Isabella Carrick 1852; and Lillian Carrick 1877, who was Laura Jane's aunt by marriage to her uncle Andrew Carrick.

There are only two of the above names engraved on the front side granite monument. John Carrick 1861 with eldest daughter, Isabella Carrick 1862. John's widow, Ellen Carrick purchased the Perpetual Right on 8 November 1861 (time between the deaths of her husband and daughter). This was updated in 1885 by daughter, Jane Boyd and updated again in 1902 by granddaughter, Laura Jane Cooper. 

My first reference to Mt. Jerome Cemetery. Memory card in author's possession.

My cousin, Barbara, and I wonder if we should have the stone re-engraved to reflect all who are buried in Plot #C-106 for future generations.

Entrance to Mt. Jerome Cemetery. Photo by Barbara Boyd Hopkins. 2015

Carrick-Boyd-Cooper Plot C-106. Mt. Jerome Cemetery. Dublin, Ireland. Photo by Barbara Boyd Hopkins. 2015

There are four sides to this family plot monument. The front side is still readable as seen in first photo of this blog. Notice the broken top of the granite post.
Headstone C-106 at Mt. Jerome Cemetery in Dublin, Ireland. Photo by Barbara Boyd Hopkins. 

Off to the left side from the front, are two more names of Ellen Carrick and Andrew Boyd engraved on the family monument. The rest is unreadable.

The other two sides are also unreadable.

Area where the four infant children of Laura Jane Boyd and Alexander Cooper were buried with no headstones. Many of the headstones were missing, broken or under dirt. Photo by Barbara Boyd Hopkins. 2015 

The above photos will lead me to return to Mt. Jerome's Burial Index to find more family members related to the Carrick, Boyd and Cooper lines of these particular families.

I was finally relieved to find proof of Laura Jane Boyd Cooper's burial at Mt. Jerome Cemetery.