Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Family Scrapbooks

While helping my elderly mother going through boxes  in her garage, I found a “gold mine.” One large box had several scrapbooks. These were hers from her teen years to early marriage covering World War II, family history, newspaper, diary, and baby scrapbooks. Others of these mentioned were safe in the house. 

For the ones in the garage, to keep them in their “best” storage, I have decided to take pictures of each page with individual items on each page. This will take time and much data. I also plan to remove them from the garage and store them properly in a cool dark place.

I also have 4 military trunks that belonged to both of my parents when they served in the U. S. Navy. Two are filled with my father’s military history. I plan to add the scrapbooks to the other two empty military trunks with other family heirlooms. I also need to learn how to prepare the trunks for proper storage. To be continued.

As a member of Legacy Family Tree Webinars, I learn so much about the many aspects of family history and genealogy research. This last week, I discovered five new presentations for members only given by Melissa Barker. Two of them are in the categories I am dealing with right now covering family scrapbooks and old family letters. Thank you for the perfect timing! Here is a connection for those who are interested in learning to preserve their family paper “jewels.”

In the summer of 2012, I visited my Cooper cousins on Long Island, New York. One family has in their possession our grand aunt Margarite Pina’s photo album and Alexander Sisson Cooper’s, our great-grandfather, newspaper scrapbook filled with clippings covering Ireland, his birth place. I will have to find out more detailed information about the topics those articles cover. 

I also got a new generation interested in our family history. My cousin’s son, started scanning family documents to e-mail to me.

I also took photos of the documents and later pictures of Aunt Margarite’s photo album. See future posts about her photo scrapbook.

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