Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mom's Chow-Chow

My mouth is watering for this traditional Slovakian/American relish.

My mother, Martha, shares her memories of this dish made by her mother, Mary Irene nee Sarna GABUZDA.

"Pop, Stephen A. GABUZDA, always had a wooden barrel of homemade sauerkraut fermenting in the cellar. Granny SARNA, his mother-in-law, always liked to come & chop the cabbage for Pop's sauerkraut when the barrel needed replenishment. While the cabbage was fermenting, there was a round wooden piece placed on top of the cabbage with heavy weights on top to compress the cabbage in the barrel. Mom got her sauerkraut juice from this barrel." Martha

Martha and her sister, Marion, had their own versions of Mom's Chow-Chow. A few years ago, my cousin, Maureen, canned several bottles of Marion's relish for her extended families. Each bottle was wrapped in the above/below tape. It was delicious.

It is time for me to get away from my keyboard and into the kitchen. Maybe someday. 😀

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