Thursday, February 8, 2018

World War II Letters - September 1943 - Written by Stan Cooper

It seems Stan had a misunderstanding with his father. The beginning section of the letter has been torn off. Stan reported to his father, that the prized possession of his wristwatch had been stolen from his locker. 

Also to Stan's dismay, he has yet to hear about his entrance into Preparatory School. Remember, Stan joined the Navy just weeks before his high school graduation in the spring of 1941. Now, over two years later, Stan decides to declare the U. S. Navy as a full-time career! He puts forth a letter to his former commanding officer, Captain Benjamin F. Perry, who served on the USS San Diego from 10 January 1942 to 19 March 1943.He quotes this letter to his father. 

Stan had sent a telegram to his father that made Jack, his father,  very upset with his son, regarding "promises that Stan could not keep." There is also a misconception regarding money that Stan tried to explain and correct.

Stan also verified his goals for the near future, which he pretty much fulfilled with some minor changes. 

Stan quotes his mother regarding one of his situations as a "niger in the wood pile." I do not mean to offend anyone here; I am just quoting my father's letter. This statement means “some fact of considerable importance that is not disclosed – something suspicious or wrong”It could also mean the same thing as "a skeleton in the closet" or "an elephant in the room" that is used today.


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