Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Genealogy New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

This is a start! Need help to finish!

I gave up on resolutions years ago, as with most  people, I never followed through on them.

I now have so many goals swimming in my head that I realize I need to be better organized to complete them.

In my genealogy field, these include:

  • Genealogy Do-Over - I confess, this is my third attempt. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing Thomas MacEntee this weekend with my local San Diego Genealogical Society.

  • Start a blog. Which I did. But I am getting frustrated with the website’s technical issues. 

  • More confidence with my Source Citations.  
  • Complete goals with better organization of family photos, scrapbooks, letters, and documents.  

I am a great starter, but, my issue is to FINISH my goals. I also have to be able to focus on one item at a time until it is satisfactorily done. I am easily sidetracked by those Bright Shiny Objects.

Resolutions can only be successful if one follows through on them day by day all year to become successful habits. 

Ask me how I am progressing on my goals six months from now. No, it should be monthly. I so appreciate all of the help that is available out in the internet world. 

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