Friday, January 13, 2017

Time Will Tell

Pocket Watch and Rings

My grand uncle, Edwin Irwin COOPER, 1889-1935, inherited his father's pocket watch which was engraved with his initials, ASC for Alexander Sisson COOPER. Look closely in the center to find all three letters engraved on top of each other. Who had this made for him & for what occasion?

Open the watch cover and engraved inside is the COOPER crest seen here. It has the bull with words LOVE and SERVE.

Edwin also possessed two family rings with the family crest.

Edwin passed these on to his son, John David COOPER (1921-2011) who took these pictures of the watch and crest rings for me. John’s daughter, my 2nd cousin, now has the honor of possessing these heirlooms.

This got me curious about our family crest. I will share about our crest in a future post.

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