Monday, February 13, 2017

Hollywood! Visiting Uncle Edwin

While writing my last post on Edwin Irwin COOPER (1889-1935), I took a day adventure to Hollywood. I invited his grandson, my 2nd cousin, Wynn to join me. We left early in the morning for the long drive north to Hollywood Blvd.

I have mentioned in a past post that Edwin worked in many movie theaters training movie projectionists how to work with the NEW Vitaphone sound system from 1926 to the mid 1930s for "talkies." The Grauman's Egyptian Theater was one as named on the back of this photo.

The theater has monthly indoor behind the scenes tours along with giving its history. I remember reading about its renovation back in 1999.

We walked a few doors west down Hollywood Blvd. for lunch at Combo's New York Pizzaria. We both enjoyed our pastrami sandwich.

We drove onto where his father, Jack Cooper, grew up in the Eagle Rock neighborhood. We found the house on El Roble Drive. Wynn recognized it right away as he possesses a drawing that his father drew of the home he grew up in.

Wynn visiting his father's childhood home.

John Cooper's drawing of home on El Roble Drive.
Google Maps continued to lead us on to Forest Lawn Glendale Cemetery where Wynn's grandparents' are buried. I had visited this cemetery back in 2008 and found them. It took us longer to find them even though I had their location written down. The road names were painted on the curb, small flat circular cement identification markers in the ground & a printed out map with locations got us to find them.

We had a terrific day reuniting with our ancestors.

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