Friday, February 17, 2017

Sheelagh Corcoran McDowell 1901-1968

It's In the Genes
Sheelagh Corcoran 1917

As recently posted, I have connected with distant cousins. I am very familiar with my ancestors who came through Ellis Island from Ireland over a hundred years ago. I am referring to my grandfather's family, John Carrick Cooper. 

Here is a photo that one of my cousins sent me of Sheelagh around the time she wrote the letter in 1917. I have been in contact with her son. He told me that "Sheelagh was in Dublin during the 1916 rebellion and remembered the bullets striking the cobble stones." 

After I made my connection with a second cousin in St. Louis, Missouri; he sent me a photo of the "mysterious" Sheelagh Corcoran with her younger sister, Angela. Sheelagh was his aunt. Sheelagh was my grandfather's niece who wrote a letter to her Uncle Jack during World War I. See post about the letter.

Sheelagh with her sister, Angela 1965

Here is Sheelagh in 1965, in Dublin, visiting her youngest sister, Angela. There is a 14 year time span between the two sisters. See post about their mother, Elizabeth Cooper Corcoran

Doris & Eileen 1998

When I first glanced at this photo of sisters, I did not see them. I saw two cousins that I knew and grew to love. They were my father's cousin, Doris Cooper Powers and my father's sister, Eileen Cooper Carl.  

Malcolm McDowell 1919

Sheelagh married Malcolm McDowell in 1925/26 in Belfast. They had 3 children, the first son was Austin McDowell, who died as a baby in an automobile accident. Another daughter and son were born. 

Hopefully, more documents with stories will come of Sheelagh's life along with her families.

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