Sunday, June 4, 2017

World War II Letters - 8 March 1942 - Written by Stan Cooper


I found this letter out of order here in time from my last post. This one was written in the beginning of March whereas my previous letter appears to be later in the month with his mention of the photo taken of him with his mother. This letter mentions he was home "last weekend," on the dates of February 27 to March 1 thereabouts. 

He just wants to thank them for a terrific time at home and that it will be awhile until they hear from him. (They were lucky to receive the previous letter I posted about as the next letter is not until two months later - at least that is what is in my collection of my father's letters sent home during this time of war.)

He again mentions about being censored by the "censorer" [who] "won't allow me to tell you but I guess you know." During war time all of the letters written home were read to be sure no information was given about their locations or any military facts were leaked to the enemy. 

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