Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Daisy's Quilts

I have many genealogy friends I have met through the years with my involvement with several genealogical societies. There is one friend I consider very special. Darlene Sampley and I met back in 2005. She found out that I was and am an avid quilter. Darlene is not, but she had an unique inheritance that she kept through the past decades, not knowing quite what to do with them.

One day, back in 2008, she came to visit me with two large plastic bags. Inside these containers were about fifteen hand sewn quilt tops along with other fabric treasures. She gave them to me to help preserve them along with their stories. 

Here are some of the quilts that were in one of the bags.

One of them caught my eye and I had to finish it. I loved the prairie point border added to the top. There was included a matching bubblegum pink fabric in the bag with it. 

In 2010, I took this treasure to a local long arm quilter and friend, Michaelee Sloan, to quilt it for me and I hand stitched the back fabric to the back of the quilt prairie points. Isn’t she a beauty. I named her “Bubble Gum Blues” with a proper label on the back. 

The quilter is Daisy Maud Eales Noyes, Darlene's maternal grandmother. She is of no relation to me; yet, I have to share her beautiful hand work and her story. Darlene has provided her grandmother’s story for me to share. I will present her story bit by bit as I share her quilts. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Henry and Daisy Noyes
12 February 1896 in Hebron, Wisconsin

I have yet to find the name of this quilt block pattern. If any of my quilting friends recognize this beauty, I would appreciate your input. 

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