Sunday, October 8, 2017

World War II Letters - 29 Mar 1943 - Written by Stan Cooper

Dear Tarmey, (Stan's mom's nickname for her son)

Stan received a V-Mail from his parents dated March 29, 1943. His anxious mother is waiting to hear more from her son as if he passed his exam for the Naval Preparatory College as stated in Stan's previous posted letter dated February 15, 1943. 

Since Stan did not finish high school when he joined the Navy two years earlier, he is now considering the US Navy as a full time career. He now knows to finish this schooling goal.  

His mother fills Stan in with current family news. His Aunt "Pete", is his mother's sister, Piedad PiƱa Pape. Ed is also his uncle, Pete's and his mother's youngest brother.

His parents dig up a V-Garden in their back yard. Mom was upset as her flowers were thrown aside.

Wibert is Stan's cousin, son of mom's brother, Fred Pina. Wilbert was 4 years older than Stan. Wilbert served in the Coast Guard during WWII.

His Dad fills in "Two Lines" at the bottom of the card.

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