Tuesday, October 17, 2017

World War II Letters - 30 April 1943 - Written by Stan Cooper

Stan is home in the States

Stan sends a telegram to his parents to let them know that he is in San Francisco, California, on his way to Norfolk, Virginia. 

He is on his way to the Naval Preparatory College in Annapolis to finish his high school studies from 1941. He is also excited about the certain possibility of being reunited with his family that he has not seen in over a year. 

Stan sends another telegram, on May 10, letting his parents know that he made it safely to Virginia and is so excited about seeing his loved ones soon!

He comes home on Sunday, May 23 (1AM) with an "eleven-day break after his exams in Norfolk" as handwritten by his thankful mother on the telegram. 

The following Saturday, May 29, Mom had a huge family dinner to welcome him home.

On the back of this photo, Honey (mom) wrote "May 29, 1943. Stanley back from Solomon's." Uncle Ray Piña, Uncle Fred Piña, Stan, and with brother Bud Cooper. Ray and Fred are Honey's brothers. Fred is checking out the camera held in his hands ready to take more pictures!

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