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Austin Irwin Cooper 1849-1891

The Old Cooper Bible

Austin Irwin COOPER is the only son of Austin COOPER and Mary Agnes IRWIN born 25 March 1849 in Westmeath, Ireland.

I find him mentioned in the Old Cooper Bible after the second marriage of his father to Elizabeth GIBSON in 1851. The Bible records his baptism on 17 April 1849, in Dublin, Ireland.

Cooper,Austin and Elizabeth. Family Bible Records. 1848-1868. The Holy Bible. [Cover page torn out.] Privately held by Mary R. Cooper. San Diego, California. 2005.
My next document for Austin Irwin COOPER is his death registration. He died on 10 April 1891 in his home at 119 Upper Lesson Street in Dublin, Ireland. At the age of 41, he never married. He served as a Captain in the Militia. He suffered from Congestive Bronchitis and died three days later. 

Ireland. Death Records. Austin Irwin Cooper. 10 April 1891. Quarter 2. Volume 2. Page 492. No. 154. Civil Registration Office, Roscommon, Ireland. Accessed 18 April 2009.
I also find Austin Irwin Cooper’s Will in the Ireland Calendar of Wills and Administration Index database.

"Ireland Calendar of Wills and Administrations, 1858-1920," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 12 December 2014), Austin Irwin Cooper, 10 Apr 1891; citing 00080, 005014905, Principal Probate Registry, Dublin; 100,991. Accessed 28 April 2017.


After being in contact with my distant cousin, Richard AUSTIN-COOPER, he sent me a copy of a letter written by Austin Irwin Cooper’s younger half-sister, Bessie Cooper PEARSON, to her second cousin (they share Austin Cooper FSA/Sarah Mauvillian Turner Cooper as their great grandparents) Mark Bloxham COOPER, a Dublin barrister. This letter was written 11 days after Austin Irwin Cooper’s death. 

pages 1-2

page 3
Here is transcription of the letter written 21 April 1891.

10 Winton Avenue
21/4/91 [21 April 1891]

My dear Mark,

Thanks for the list.
Jinnie’s [sister Jane Mauvillian Cooper Osborne] address is 806 San Antonia Street, Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

As to rings, as far as I know dear Austin had 4 - — has told me to put on & [m]ind for him & I have written Jinnie about  them & I shall keep them until I hear from her. One was taken out of his room before I came. Then Mrs. McGuire said she could not take charge of anything — the nurse promises to have it found - -the other the nurse handed to me & then I was told that was the ring dear Austin gave her I handed it back at once. 

As to Black Axe it is Sandy’s left to him by dear Papa, & Jinnie had only the loan of it & left it here before she went away and Sandy knows its here, but has not taken it - as he knows it is here, but he has not taken it - as he knows it is safe. 

I should like to see Mrs. McGuire’s bill. I suppose yours will wait until you hear from Jinnie before you bill anything. —-

I enclose lists requested which numbers 13. Why do the debts & costs  not come out the Land or rent on May 1st?

I enclose the Doctor’s  bill for attending dear Austin for two illnesses. he had him for a week about - 3 weeks ago - 

Did you see the portrait  of our great-grandmother? [Austin Cooper FSA’s wife Sarah Mauvillian Turner]. It was Henry’s [another sibling deceased at this time & married to Frances LaTouche] & now belong’s to Mrs. Henry & her son & should be sent to his trustee, J. J. Digges La Touche. Jinnie had a loan of it & I fear she did not return it, however she will write about it. 

I enclose list.

With kind regards to your wife, from your cousin,

Bessie Pearson

Here are some questions and comments I have about the items mentioned in this letter.

1. Four rings - Do these include the two rings handed down to my cousin in Colorado? Bessie brought these rings when she came to visit family in America in 1921 and gave two of them to her nephew, Edwin Irwin COOPER. The other two were accounted for in the letter. 

2) Black Axe - I have a photo of this sent to me by third cousin, 1x removed, Richard Austin-Cooper. It is in possession of a Cooper fifth cousin in England.

3) Portrait of Sarah M. T. Cooper 

I received a very poor computer print out of this photo of the painting portrait from distant cousin, Angela Anderson, a descendant of the Rev. Austin Cooper, grandfather to the barrister Mark Bloxum Cooper & granduncle to Austin Irwin Cooper.

Who now owns this painting of Sarah Mauvillian Turner Cooper? 

I also have a photo copy of another painting of Sarah done at a later time. I do not remember where I got a copy of this one.

This letter was very informative, yet left me with more questions.

Who is Sandy? Is it Samuel Cooper, Bessie’s brother?  How did a descendant of Barrister Mark B. Cooper end up with the axe?

What about sister, Jinnie? I have more answers about her life after she came to the U.S. But no mention of the painting. Check out future blog about Jane Mauvillian Cooper Oswald.

If anyone knows which family member has possession of these family paintings, I would love to find out the answer to this question.

Cousin Richard’s notes on the letter include:

on page 1  - Her bro[ther] Austin died 11 days earlier
        Jenny Cooper = Osborne ?

on page 3 - Bessie Pearson nee Cooper dau[ghter] of Austin & Bessie Gibson having f[???] Captain Austin Irwin Cooper her 1/2 brother who d[ied] 10-4-1891

next to “great-grandmother” - Sarah Turner?

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