Saturday, November 19, 2016

Aunt Margarite's Photo Album

This photo is labeled “The 4 Peanuts”
which include (bottom to top)
Edward, Margarite, Ramon, and Piedad taken around 1908.  
The PIÑA Peanuts

Ramon PIÑA, my great-grandfather, was born in Cuba on 4 Sept 1847. His second wife was Margaret GUNTHER, 20 years his junior. They lived in Brooklyn, New York, with seven children. Their eldest daughter, Margarite PIÑA (1887-1980), was the family historian for her time. She never married, but, kept in touch with her nieces and nephews along with their children. She also wrote and traded photos with distant Cuban cousins. Margarite had a photo album that she kept pictures from 1910 to 1930. This album is in the possession of my cousin, Deb Cooper Roniger. I have seen this album several times and at my last visit to New York in 2012, I spent the day photo copying each page. Aunt Margarite was my only grandaunt, I had the privilege to have a relationship.

I purchased the Flip Pal portable scanner to use. I found that using my iPad and digital camera worked best. My brother is now in possession of the Flip Pal using it to copy his wife’s side of the family.

Margarite's other siblings include:
Sophie Pina (1888-1969) my grandmother
Ramon Pina (1891-1966)
Piedad Pina (1894-1964)
Frederick Pina (1896-1965)
Anita Pina (1897-1897)
Edward Pina (1903-2004)

For entertainment in the early 20th century, young ones would dress up to act out any life event. There are several photos of the fun creative times of these siblings. Margarite and Sophie, with brother Ramon are included in the photos below.

                                                  Margarite                                                                     Piedad

                                   Margarite and Sophie dress up in brother's clothes and as elderly woman.                                            

                  Ramon dresses up in his sister's clothes.      Sophie as a mock groom

Edward, with mother, Margaret                                  Frederick and Sophie            

Edward and Margarite do their garden chores.

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