Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Family Reunion in Australia - Day 4

Family Reunion

Sunday, 23 October 2016

I woke up early with breakfast of Vegemite on toast with fruit. It had rained all night with the scent of fresh air. Liam showed us his coin and bill collection of money from all around the world. Michelle teaches English as a second language to foreign exchange students. What a fascinating variety!

Liam connected with his New York cousins on Facetime. It was great chatting with them and especially their father, Michelle’s brother, for Aunt Eileen to wish him a Happy Birthday, her annual tradition for all of her nieces and nephews (including grand and great-grand)!

A friend of Michelle’s called saying she had sighted kangaroo at the Palmer Coolum Golf Club. We decided to drive there on our way to the reunion. There were Roos all over the place. We even saw a mum with her “joey.” She stood very still as we took pictures. I took many.

We drove to Caloundra Golf Club for the Family Reunion. There were 57 people there for me to meet and get to know. I realize now that I did not get to speak to everyone I wanted to. 

Barb gave a presentation on her new findings on the BOYD side of the family (my second great grandparents.) I followed sharing on how I was related to all of them with stories and photos. We had lunch with sandwiches and chips (Americans call french fries). 
Family  pictures were taken and as stated before I was able to talk with most of my cousins. I was so  impressed with all of the organization and work Barb did to put all of this together.

Barb with her brother, Brian, did a spit test for Ancestry DNA. 
Barb’s family tree charts for the Boyd, Cooper, Carrick, Stevens, Stewart families. 

The one here is only one of the charts she had on display. She also had several tables with photos, books, heirlooms, and documents making our history come alive.

Eileen with cousin, Jenni, peruse through an album. 

Back row left to right: the Boyd siblings - Brian, Neil, Marg, Millie, Barb, Suzi, Jenni, Roslyn (missing Biddy and Geoff) Front row left to right: cousin Dianne, Eileen, Mary, Michelle, cousin Tina.

We were all amazed how Eileen and cousin Suzi had similar looks. Really 'amazed'? We should know that there is family resemblance. 

After the reunion, Eileen and I went home with Jenni and her husband Mike who live in Brisbane. I had my final hugs with Barb, Marg and Michelle along with their families. We were very sad, yet, thankful knowing we can still keep in touch so easily with the internet.

The hour drive went quickly as we chatted also with another cousin from the reunion. We had again a quaint evening getting to know each other on a more personal basis.

Eileen and I shared a room with our own bed. We again went out with the light.

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