Saturday, November 19, 2016

Family Reunion in Australia - Days 6 and 7

Tuesday, 26 October 2016

After breakfast with egg and toast and fruit, we went out on the patio to feed the birds and some large lizards that lived under their home. The magpie grabbed some meat.

We packed up and drove an hour south from Brisbane for Gold Coast to visit cousins Brian and Sue Boyd.

Aunt Eileen, many years ago, was a Confirmation teacher for teens at her local Lutheran church. She was contacted by one of her students, Rev. Michael Alson, who now lives in Australia as a chaplain of the  Trinity Lutheran College, similar to a K-12 school here in the United States. He was excited to hear of her coming Down Under and offered her to visit him. We connected with him and we were able to drop her off (as the school was not far from Brian's place) to spend the day and evening with him and his family to reminisce and renew their friendship and ministries. What a blessing it is to see how God works in peoples' lives after time spent with them at such an impressionable age!

Mike, Jenni and I then drove to Gold Coast, not far away to Brian's place. Eileen and I had separate rooms upstairs. We chatted and I hugged Jenni and Mike goodbye, thanking them for a wonderful stay. I had a lovely time chatting with Sue and getting to find out about them. I just loved their dog, Bullwinkle, or Bully for short. She was a character and very protective of her owners. We took Bully for a walk later in the afternoon, finding young goslings and turtles in a local pond. Bully had this unusual habit of putting all four legs in a bucked of water after her run. I was lucky to get this second pose with just two legs. 

Later in the evening we went out for Thai food. First time for me and very delicious. Not bad! I had fruity duck, Sue had her salmon and Brian had coconut prawns.

Eileen returned with Michael after we came home. She filled us in about her tour of the school campus and had the opportunity of having dinner with his family. 

Wednesday, 27 October 2016

We drove out to the Currumbin Sanctuary to interact with the wild animals of Oz and also experience some of the local Aborigine culture. I immediately went to have my photo taken with a koala bear. I was able to hold Abby, who was soft and gentle. No, she did not smell.   I remember when Eileen had her photo taken with one 30 years ago. Here is comparison of the two experiences.

We took a mini train across the park to see the kangaroos. They were all lying in one area on the ground and humans were trying to feed them. They seemed to be overfed not wanting anymore food!

We walked around going to different shows including a Free Flight Bird Show, Australia Show, and an Aborigine Dance Show. Fascinating to listen to the Didgeridoo. According to culture only men are to play this instrument. 

If a woman plays it, she will get pregnant. I have seen women play this instrument.

Other animals I got to see were the Wallabies, a Tasmanian Devil, Cockatoos, and Lorikeets.

The second best part of this Sanctuary was at the Lorikeet Feeding time as we were leaving. I got a feeding bowl to attract the birds from the wild. They slowly came when they realized food was available. There were so many people holding up their trays above their heads …including me. After about twenty minutes, I moved in closer. Then, one, two, three, four and almost five came to my delicious dish. Notice my tired arms!

What a fantastic day! Getting to know Australian culture, nature and family!

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