Tuesday, November 22, 2016


As a quilter, I love old fashioned handkerchiefs. I love every pattern I see made with hankies. I have a collection that belonged to my mother including the box she kept them in. I also inherited the hankie holder that belonged to my grand aunt Margarite PIÑA. Did she create this with her own hands or did she receive this as a gift from a dear friend? The design and lettering looks to be hand painted.

Inside, I found a typed obituary of F. B. Gunther. See future post about Francis “Frank” Brazi GUNTHER (1864-1919).
I was honored to take a trip “home” to Ireland back in 2010 with the group Sew Many Places (Jim West) hosted by Vic & Rosie Gonzalez of Rosie’s Quilt shop of San Diego, CA. To memorialize this trip, I made a small quilt of linen handkerchiefs, a crochet bookmark,  and a lavender sachet.  

I am an avid quilter. So who did I get the desire and talent from? I believe it was my grandmother, Sophie Piña COOPER and grandaunt Margarite PIÑA. Here is a photo from Margarite’s photo album. Margarite is in the center stitching with her girlfriends.  Both Sophie and Margarite were teachers. I was a teacher for over 25 years. 

Thank you, Nana Sophie and grand Aunt Margarite!

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