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EVERWOOD or EVERGREENS Cemetery of Brooklyn, New York

I am obsessed with graveyards or cemeteries. Whenever I am visiting family in other locations far from where I live; I ask for a trip to visit family who have moved on.

My brother does the rubbing, as my cousin looks on.

In 1999, I took a trip to New York to visit my paternal cousins. My cousin, Jack, along with my brother, mother and myself drove out to and walked into the office building of Evergreens Cemetery of Brooklyn, New York, to ask where the PIÑAs were located in the cemetery. The file card was pulled out and I wrote down the EIGHT names and burial dates with the location of the tombstone. We found the tombstone, but to my disappointment, with only three names engraved upon it. The gold attachment with the words “Endowment Fund” caught my attention. I find out that someone paid for the eternal care of this plot with regular care and maintenance which includes the cutting of grass, caring for trees, watering, roads, drainage, etc. of area around paid plot.

Now I want to know who paid for it and when the tombstone was put up. My guess is Aunt Margarite paid for this to be done after her death.Why are the other family members not remembered in such a memorial way? I realize some family members do not like cemeteries as to the sorrowful memories they associate with them. After 3 generations, we are forgotten. 

We later find, in cousin Jack's possession, the legal document from the cemetery stating where everyone is located. These plots were bought on 28 June 1917 by my grandaunt, Margarite Piña, for $170 in the assigned Nazareth 1618 section. There are four graves with the allotment of three per grave. 

In grave 1, there is Fred Walter COOPER (18 Aug 1921-29 Jan 1923) Obituary says Fred Walter Cooper. Death certificate states Fred Walter Cooper. Aunt Margarite labels him as Walter F. My mother overwrites Frederick Walter Cooper. Fred is the second son of John C. COOPER and Sophie R. PIÑA. Fred is my uncle. See blog post, John Carrick Cooper - Part 4, http://familyfilmfabricfood.blogspot.com/2016/06/john-carrick-cooper-1886-1969-part-4.html

Alexander Sisson Cooper

Second is A. Cooper or Alexander Sisson COOPER (3 Oct 1854- 28 Mar 1927). I have a copy of his death certificate. Alexander is my great grandfather.

There is one open plot.

Ramon Piña
In grave 2, with a tombstone, there is Pa or Ramon PIÑA (4 Sept 1847-7 June 1917). With the occurrence of her father’s death, Margarite bought these plots. I have a copy of his death certificate and obituary. Ramon Piña is my great grandfather.

Anna Brazy Gunther

Second is Grandma or Anna Maria BRAZY GUNTHER (24 Jul 1836-3 July 1919). I have a copy of her death certificate and obituary. Anna, Margaret Gunther’s mother, is my 2nd great-grandmother. 

Margaret Gunther Piña

Thirdly, is Mom or Margaret GUNTHER PIÑA (July 1867-26 Oct 1938). I have a copy of her death certificate and obituary. Margaret is my great-grandmother.

This plot is full.

Margarite Piña

In grave 3, Margarite PIÑA (27 July 1887-15 Aug 1980) is buried. She is the one who paid for this gravesite. She is my grandaunt. See blog post, 
Margarite PIÑA (18871980), 

There are two open plots.

In grave 4, there is John C. COOPER (5 Nov 1886-15 Jul 1968). I have a copy of his death certificate. Jack is my grandfather. See all six blog posts about John Carrick Cooper.

Sophie Piña Cooper
John Carrick Cooper

Second, is Sophie Ramona PIÑA 
COOPER (8 Dec 1888-29 Aug 1968). I have a copy of her death certificate. She was known as "Honey" and she is my grandmother. See blog post, Sophie Ramona Piña (1886-1969),

There is one open plot.

I learned so much about my family from this 1999 visit to Evergreens Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. Here is Evergreens website. http://www.theevergreenscemetery.com

I also ordered this wonderful book about the history of Evergreens Cemetery from Amazon.

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