Monday, July 3, 2017

World War II Letters - 17 May 1942 - Written by Stan Cooper

Stan is still reminiscing about his visit home to New York two months previous. After his time in Queens Village, he travels north to Schenectady to visit his aunt Jinny, his father's eldest sister. He also loved seeing his cousins' babies; Bob and Dot along with Ashley and Peggy.

He mentions receiving a sweater from Eastern Star referring to Aunt May (married to his father's youngest brother, Alex).

Stan also requests his Uncle Edwin's (father's brother in Hollywood) address as he wants to visit his aunt Edith and cousin Doris. Notice he does not give away his location in the letter. Apparently, he had written a letter to Edith (thinking he lost it, but found it in his pocket).

I love these letters filling one in with the visits and activities of family members far away.

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