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Mt. Jerome Cemetery in Dublin, Ireland - Laura Jane Boyd Cooper 1853-1921 - Part 2

There is a plot that has several of my ancestors buried in Mt. Jerome Cemetery in Dublin, Ireland. No, I was not at this cemetery in Dublin; although, I wish I was there to see it for myself.

Headstone C-106 at Mt. Jerome Cemetery in Dublin, Ireland. Photo taken by Barbara Boyd Hopkins. 

I recently posted about my great-grandmother, Laura Jane BOYD Cooper. She is my father's paternal grandmother. I concluded with

"Laura Jane is buried in Mt. Jerome Cemetery in Dublin at Grave C-106 Grant 2760. This information was researched by a genealogist in Ireland for one of my Boyd cousins. On the actual cemetery card it stated the informant as George Corcoran, her son-in-law. I would love to see a photo of her headstone, if she has one."

My third cousin, Barbara Boyd Hopkins, was at Mt. Jerome Cemetery in 2015. She took the picture of the above headstone at section C-106. There is no mention of Laura Jane Cooper on the headstone.

This week, I was visiting my local Family History Center focusing on Mt. Jerome Cemetery records which are now online only at these centers apart from Salt Lake City. These records are not yet indexed. My first section was to look at the Index Register of Burials for Mt. Jerome Cemetery. Finding 1921, Laura Jane COOPER is listed in the alphabetical C section with Register No. 1501. 

Cemetery Records for Mt. Jerome Cemetery, Dublin. Index Register of Burials. 1915-1941. Microfilm #911,812. Online Film #008088047. Image 42 of 282. Accessed San Diego Family History Center : 19 July 2017.

Secondly, I look at the actual Register of Burials. I find Cooper, Mrs. Laura Jane. She is listed under "No. for the Year 1921" at 1501 as stated in the previous index. 

Register of Burials. Volume 23-24. 1915-1922. Microfilm #910,613. Online film #004029920. Image 722 of 787. Accessed San Diego Family History Center : 19 July 2017.

This page verifies that Laura Jane Cooper died on 28 November 1921 at Meath Hospital of Cancer at the age of 61. She was buried on 30 November 1921 in Registration District of 3 South. She is buried in a [family] plot in "No. 1 grave." She is buried in Section C - Subdivision 106. She is listed in Perpetuity Grant No. 2760. She is buried with a Granite Monument. Here is the verification of George Corcoran, 22 Turlough Terr[ace] of Fairview, her son-in-law, listed as "Relationship of the Attestant." As stated in a previous post, Laura Jane's daughter, Elizabeth Cooper CORCORAN, died 2 months previously of Multiple Sclerosis on 11 September 1921. A future goal is to research this index to find out if Elizabeth was also buried at Mt. Jerome.

Thirdly, the above lead me to find the Perpetuity Grant 
#2760 in the Registry of Grants in Perpetuity of Burial in Mt. Jerome Cemetery, 1861.

Cemetery Records for Mt. Jerome Cemetery, Dublin. Register of Perpetuities, Grants #2001-3992. 1856-1870. Microfilm #910,429. Online film #008087686. Image 226 of 571. Accessed San Diego Family History Center : 19 July 2017.

Here is the jewel I was looking for! Laura Jane Boyd Cooper is buried with her mother, Jane Carrick Boyd who died in 1901; 2 brothers, Robert Boyd 1869 and Andrew Boyd 1888; maternal grandmother, Ellen Carrick 1885; maternal grandfather, John Carrick 1861; her mother's eldest sister or Laura Jane's aunt, Isabella Carrick 1852; and Lillian Carrick 1877, who was Laura Jane's aunt by marriage to her uncle Andrew Carrick.

There are only two of the above names engraved on the front side granite monument. John Carrick 1861 with eldest daughter, Isabella Carrick 1862. John's widow, Ellen Carrick purchased the Perpetual Right on 8 November 1861 (time between the deaths of her husband and daughter). This was updated in 1885 by daughter, Jane Boyd and updated again in 1902 by granddaughter, Laura Jane Cooper. 

My first reference to Mt. Jerome Cemetery. Memory card in author's possession.

My cousin, Barbara, and I wonder if we should have the stone re-engraved to reflect all who are buried in Plot #C-106 for future generations.

Entrance to Mt. Jerome Cemetery. Photo by Barbara Boyd Hopkins. 2015

Carrick-Boyd-Cooper Plot C-106. Mt. Jerome Cemetery. Dublin, Ireland. Photo by Barbara Boyd Hopkins. 2015

There are four sides to this family plot monument. The front side is still readable as seen in first photo of this blog. Notice the broken top of the granite post.
Headstone C-106 at Mt. Jerome Cemetery in Dublin, Ireland. Photo by Barbara Boyd Hopkins. 

Off to the left side from the front, are two more names of Ellen Carrick and Andrew Boyd engraved on the family monument. The rest is unreadable.

The other two sides are also unreadable.

Area where the four infant children of Laura Jane Boyd and Alexander Cooper were buried with no headstones. Many of the headstones were missing, broken or under dirt. Photo by Barbara Boyd Hopkins. 2015 

The above photos will lead me to return to Mt. Jerome's Burial Index to find more family members related to the Carrick, Boyd and Cooper lines of these particular families.

I was finally relieved to find proof of Laura Jane Boyd Cooper's burial at Mt. Jerome Cemetery. 

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