Saturday, July 29, 2017

World War II Letters - 15 October 1942 - Written by Stan Cooper

One can see that there are long time periods between communications with Stan and his family. The mail takes too long to come to Stan and Stan does not have much free time to write to his parents as often as he wishes to fill them in with what is happening from his side of the world. 

According to Stan's reply, his father must have given him the Honolulu address for his grandaunt Daisy Cooper in his 14 July 1942 letter, whom Stan calls "Peggie." I think he is confusing her with a cousin's wife mentioned in a previous letter. 

Stan mentions baseball talk with his Pop.

Aunt Nutzie is Stan's mother's elder sister, Margarite PIÑA. Nutzie was the family member who kept everyone informed. Wilbert was his first cousin via his uncle Frederick Piña. Wilbert is also serving in the war.

Stan Cooper with cousin Wilbert Piña, and brother Bud Cooper
Photo in author's possession.

In a previous letter from 3 August, Stan requested his father send him his trombone. The "singing horn" is waiting in San Francisco. How much longer does Stan have to wait? 

You can tell here that Stan is feeling homesick and misses his family tremendously.

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