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Mary Hudak or is it Kostelnic? (1862-1951) Part 2

Mary Sarna with daughter, Mary Gabuzda 1951

I found Mary SARNA’s death certificate. She died in an unusual way going to her husband’s, George SARNA, gravesite in St. John’s Roman Catholic Cemetery on Maces Road. This is given more detail in her obituary found in The Plain Speaker Newspaper of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, 18 May 1951, page 32, column 3. ( 

The Plain Speaker (Hazleton, PA) 1951. Digital images:  : 2016.

Her death certificate states “accidental drowning in coal mine hole”  otherwise known as “a water-filled stripping.”

Pennsylvania Department of Health. Historical and Museum Collection. Pennsylvania Death Certificates. 1906-1964. : accessed : 10 Dec 2016.
Mary’s son, John SARNA, of 623 Main St. filled out her death certificate with family information. He listed John KOSTELNICK as Mary’s father and her mother was unknown. she was born in Czecho Slovakia, born on 2 June 1860.

Mary had been living with her eldest daughter, Anna Sarna REMAK, 709 Main St., since her husband, George SARNA, died in 1935. In 1951, Anna REMAK, was sent to Washington D. C. for medical reasons, as this obituary states she is “presently a patient in a hospital” in D. C. Mary SARNA is then sent to live with her younger daughter, Mary Irene Sarna GABUZDA or “Mrs. Stephen Gabuzda.” She had only been living at 899 Centre St. for a month. This verifies the family stories of Mary’s daily walking to her husband’s gravesite to bring fresh flowers for the plot vase. Mary was refreshing the vase water when she fell into the coal mine hole nearby. One of her grand-daughters, remembers the guilt her mother, Mary GABUZDA, felt as she was just put in the charge of her mother’s care.

I now have two documents that say the name KOSTELNIC for my great-grandmother. Her death certificate filled out by her son and her marriage certificate copied from the local church records. Where does the “HAJDUK” name come from on her daughter Mary's baptism certificate?

Family stories state that Mary SARNA had an older sister, Anna ZEMANY, which everyone called “Mrs. Zemany,” including family members. Mrs. Zemany will be my next ancestor to research to solve this puzzle.

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