Sunday, December 25, 2016

Tourist in Australia - Day 19

Monday, 7 November 2016

On To Melbourne

We were all up early as the family got ready for work and school along with Eileen and me getting ready for the airport. I took a family photo before we hugged each other farewell.         
Tim dropped us off at the airport. We had a larger airplane this time and not a full one. I had a window seat and Eileen and aisle seat with an empty seat between us. This flight had iPads in every seat. That was a first one for us. 

It was only an hour flight to Melbourne. We got a taxi quickly as the system was well organized with a man moving us to numbered sections at the curb to catch a cab as they drove up. I felt like I was at Disneyland.  

Our driver found our hotel quickly. We checked in The Brady Hotel by Dermott. He was from Northern Ireland as I recognized his accent and he was very helpful.  Our room was very small with twin comfortable beds, which was fine with me. The bathroom there threw us off. It had an open shower with no bathtub, shower curtains, nor a place to sit like an oriental style bathroom. Interesting! 

View from our window…what is that cone shaped building? I will later find out.
There was construction all over the city (the same in Sydney). I was surprised to see graffiti all over the place, but maybe not as we were staying in the area of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. This was the first time I witnessed graffiti in Australia. I later find out that Melbourne is proud of this modern art attraction and highly welcomes street art placed on walls with the permission of property owners. I now wish I took photos with my camera of this art.

After a quick walk around a few blocks, we had dinner in our hotel. Eileen had pizza and I enjoyed lasagna with veggies. We check out the local newspaper along with pamphlets from the concierge and planned our visits for the next day.

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