Friday, December 2, 2016

Spaghetti and Yarn

Christmas Season is Here

I am a quilter. There I said it. I hoard fabric. But, I have not been sewing much in the past year as this blog and writing posts has taken over my days and nights.

I have belonged to two local quilting guilds which I had to give up with taking care of my 94 year old mother. I work part time in a local fabric store which has become my therapy. During work time, I also have someone stay with  mom. It works great for both of us.

I also belong to a local genealogical society which is also fantastic. Sometimes I cannot make it to all of the meetings, but when I can I am there.

I started a small group of quilters named the UFO Society. To any crafter this means UnFinished Objects. We also have members that knit, crochet, paint, do jewelry, and had some scrapbookers. But mostly quilters. We meet the first Saturday monthly. We started with three, including me, back in 2009. We now have over sixty members, with the average of 35 attending each month.

Waiting eagerly for our Bachelor Spaghetti in Japan.

For our December meeting, we have a pot-luck. I started bringing my mother's traditional Bachelors' Spaghetti that I grew up with and enjoyed this dish every time she served it as seen in photo below.

The story goes after my parents married, my father would invite a small group of bachelor officers from the Navy ship or base he was serving on several times a year.

Every year since I have been baking it; I bring home an empty pot! I now call it Spinster Spaghetti in my honor as a "Spinster Genealogist." Try it out. It is a scrumptious spinster spaghetti dish.

Where does yarn fit into this? My mother loved to knit and crochet. She tried to teach me with great frustration as I am a leftie. I tried several times growing up. I found a box labeled YARNS out in the garage and opened the box. Memories came flooding over me.

When my father was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, in the mid sixties; mom started serving with her craftiness of crocheting for the Navy Relief Society. She would crank out baby caps,  jackets and booties of matching colors of blue, pink, yellow and green.

She was rewarded with pins and certificates. In fact, serving in this manner was great for her health. She quit smoking! Hooray!

Look what I also found inside the box. A UFO baby cap! Mom tells me that there are some crochet hooks around somewhere. I have yet to find them. Someday, I just might.

Where does this lead me? I am now ready to start how to learn to crochet as a leftie again. I am determined this time. I love peacocks. I found a beautiful crochet pattern I want to make. It is called Peacock Pretty as seen here. I now have the book and am ready to start. I find out this is an intermediate pattern for righties. HELP! I find a book for Lefties and go to You Tube. This is how I have been spending my time this past week!

I also took a workshop. Here is what I learned in two hours.
I know it is not much; but, it is a lot for me. Keep practicing. I will get to those feathers.

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