Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tourist in Australia - Day 13

Flight to Sydney

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

See the door in the back below the roo.

Eileen and I slept in with no early appointment. After breakfast, we packed and checked out around 11 AM and left our luggage with the lobby. We walked around a few blocks in Cairns by the water. At all of the eateries, we noticed that most of the women were dressed up wearing fancy hats. They were all out celebrating Melbourne Cup Day (celebrated by the whole country), as my cousin Barb was doing in Melbourne that day. Barb’s photo here was taken Nov. 3. Love her fancy red hat! I find out later that Nov. 3 is really the Crown Oaks Day for the best hats worn at the horse races at the Flemington Race Course.  

Barb and Ross enjoy the horse races in Melbourne.

We were later picked up in the afternoon and taken to the airport. It was empty, no long lines, because of the races. In fact, we were the last people for our flight clerk to check us in as she was going home to watch the races on the telly. Even our cab driver had the races on the radio.

Eileen and I boarded on from the rear of the plane, as we were sitting in the back. Much quicker and easier. Flight to Sydney was three hours. I had a nice dinner of lamb with veggies and potatoes. I had nice chats with the ladies sitting around us. I found out that  Queensland does not follow daylight savings time as the rest of the country, so we lost an hour landing in New South Wales. We found a reasonable shuttle to our hotel and checked in our room later in the evening. In the bathroom, Eileen, found a TV remote on the sink. What is this for? She pressed the ON button and noise came from the shower. She called for me and showed me this!

Telly in the shower!

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