Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tourist in Australia - Day 15

Thursday, 3 November 2016

We found out that the place we had dinner at the night before did not open until 11 AM, so we ate again in the Hilton restaurant. I had omelette and toast. We had the same waitress serve us as the previous morning from Holland. She was so excited that the Netherlands King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima were in town. I remember on our tour of the Sydney Opera House that they were preparing a section of the theater for them the day before. Our waitress also had tickets for the same program and was very excited to see her royalty from home. 

We walked to the nearby Sydney Tower Eye. At the top we could see the whole city. I took many photos around the view windows. Here is arial view of our Hilton Hotel with Queen Victoria Building along with St. Andrews Cathedral. 

We came down and walked down George St. back toward The Rocks, but this time we went around looking for the stairs to the Sydney Harbor Bridge. We found them and walked to and across the river. 

Family was asking if I was going to cross along the top of the bridge. No way! But I found a few doing that above me.  

It took about 45 minutes as I was stopping to take many photos. Again the views were fantastic and I was more so aware of different patterns.

On the other side was the community of Kirribilli. We passed the small community church which I saw from the bridge.

We found Kirribilli Village Cafe for lunch with toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. I had a small scoop of hazelnut ice cream. 

We  strolled under the bridge to Bradfield Park where I was thrilled with these views of the city.   

We walked back to the west side to have someone take this photo of the Sydney Opera House behind us.

We walked back to the east side to the nearby ferry station Milsons Point. 

We bought our Opal single trip tickets to get back to Circular Quay. Luna Park was close by. I took pictures of the gate and the ferris wheel. 

I noticed a ferry coming in with professional cameramen and reporters. A few minutes later a man came to our waiting area to ask us to please move off of the deck as the King and Queen of the Netherlands were arriving! 

I quickly got a snap as the royalty disembarked. King Willem is behind the policeman as Queen Maxima glides in all her glory.  

We got back to the pier and loaded the next ferry back to the Circular Quay. 

From the ferry, I noticed the cameramen and reporters on the deck with a group of school children dressed in orange greeting their Dutch royalty from home.

Great to witness world history on my travels.

We slowly walked back to the  hotel for a rest. We had dinner at the same place, the New York Metro. Good food. Our second day of much walking helped us both sleep well that night.

Post Script: We watched the news that evening and looked at newspapers the following day and found no news mention or even photos of the royalty visit. I found this below online stating the travel plans of the king and queen.

Wednesday, 2 November & Thursday, 3 November – Sydney

From Canberra, the King and Queen will travel to Sydney to attend a concert by Dutch pianists Lucas and Arthur Jussen at the infamous Sydney Opera House.

The next morning the pair will attend a meeting of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency on potential Australian investments in the Netherlands, following which the King and Queen will be given a tour of research projects on which Australian and Dutch students are working together at the University of Sydney. After visiting the university, King Willem-Alexander will attend the final session of a meeting between Dutch and Australian CEOs, while Queen Máxima will attend the close of a meeting on smart cities.

Photo found on Youtube website

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